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"This house needs to be spotless when master gets home", she says and she starts cleaning up the kitchen.Her arms are bound behind her back with a spreader bar, limiting her reach. Follow Jessica as she does her work around the house in her casts, tries to eat, and finally struggles to get herself up off the floor!Later, she gets out of bed and has another accident, breaking her other leg.

We send a weekly mailer only when new movies are added to items you subscribe to.The hot babes on display love to get wild and they get fucked hard while on the toilet seat and also get fucked in their mouths in the same place.In my ongoing quest to film great application footage, I set up two cameras for this application.She calls her male friend again, saying she has a surprise, but won't tell him what.She decides to make him a sexy foot video to lure him away from work. Finally, Jessica gets herself so hot that she has to pleasure herself!

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