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The money, the tradition, the glare, the sound of Dickie V.screaming, it was all too irresistible for Gillispie, and you can understand.Yes, Knight, the poster child of bullydom, was knee-slappingly hilarious in comparison, the life of the frat party. Or maybe more cowardly, because this way, he doesn't have to answer the allegations of player mistreatment in his program.

Even meteors don't crash as fast or as hard as a guy who was the hottest college basketball coach in the country just five and a half years ago, only to self-destruct and implode right back in Texas -- the only place that offered a chance for resurrection. As Rich Rodriguez is recovering nicely from flaming out at Michigan, with his Arizona football team sitting pretty at 3-0, his basketball equivalent isn't so fortunate.But the stories that came out of Lexington will last a lifetime.Billy Gillispie’s coaching career came crashing down thanks to self-inflicted wounds and high expectations from Kentucky’s rabid fan base that he would never come close to reaching.It happens often in college sports, where a coach creates a buzz and then makes a beeline.He could've stayed at A&M and had a few rebuilding seasons, and folks would be too consumed by football to notice or care much.

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And suddenly, the coach who knew all the right plays to call and all the right buttons to push as a rising star at Texas A&M was known for another kind of strategy: his own exit.

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