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Top guys from all over the world Simple: He's the ONLY instructor who has taken intense, field-tested experience, and merged it with what he calls the "sequential learning model"..create the most comprehensive, "total transformation" system for attracting hotter women into your life.

If they could, they would lock Brad P up someplace where no "regular guys" could ever find him.

Recently he posted on his website, a product called Secrets of Inner Game.

I'll let the guy speak for himself: I hope you post this on your blog.

I can't believe how shitty this seduction industry is.

During the last year or so, Brad P managed to rise to the position of one of my favourite bullshitters in the pickup industry.

This guy loves to spout out how "authentic" he is, and how much "street cred" he has. I'll reserve some longer future posts on his nonsensical back story and his shady marketing practices, but for today, a nice short post shall suffice.

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Practice it out loud as if you were chatting up an HB10 by asking those 4 questions.

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  1. It sucks for me, at 41, because most guys my own age whom I try to date are hung up on much younger or older..don't stay in their age range. Straight men and gay men want younger partners, obsess about younger partners, and pay through the sphincter for younger partners. Gay women can try to date at all ages without being jeered at. I’m now in my mid-50s, and I had a partner for almost 20 years until he died a few years ago.