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A waterlogged tunnel and the remains of the rail track in the Alderney site Conditions at Lager Sylt were brutal.

In 1944, a group of heavily-guarded prisoners was brought to the nearby island of Guernsey.

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We maintain an extensive collection of records of the States of Guernsey, both ancient and modern.

Many of the tourists who visit the island are unaware of what took place there.

The three pillars that remain of Lager Sylt In 1940, with war raging, Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill faced an agonizing decision: maintain a military presence in the tiny Channel Islands, which had been British dependencies for centuries, or redirect Britain’s forces elsewhere?

Their arrival was recorded by a local priest, Reverend Douglas Ord: “Coming down from the harbour was a column of men in rows of five. They were shaven-headed and in varying degrees of weariness or lameness….

All were in striped pyjama suits and their footgear varied from wooden sabots..pieces of cloth bound round the feet. It tore the heart to see the effects of this systematic and deliberate degradation of human beings.” Map of Alderney showing the four camps Recently declassified British intelligence documents paint a chilling picture of the brutal conditions on Lager Sylt: “Too undernourished and exhausted to work efficiently, these men were mercilessly beaten by the German guards and frequently when they were too weak after a beating to stand up, they were clubbed to death or finished off with a knife.” Some prisoners were crucified on the camp gates. A rocky stretch of shoreline on the island was known by locals as the “Valley of Death” because slave workers who were too ill or exhausted to work any longer were thrown to their deaths onto the rocks and the sea below.

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