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She also said there was enough mystery and suspense in my series to offer me a four-book deal.

I figured if I was looking for more of these books, surely there were other Navy types looking for them too.

Kendel Flaum said she’d take a look at my work, although Henery Press leaned more toward mysteries than romance. I submitted Book 2 in the series, my Golden Heart final, now titled: Forget Me Not, to Henery Press.

Kendel said she fell in love with the voice from the first line.

When I was looking for a way to show my gratitude for my son’s safe return from war, I realized I could give back by combining my love of writing with my love of the Navy and send my books out to the fleet.

Another exciting part has been the feedback from my civilian readers who have said, “I felt like I had vicariously joined the Navy for the duration of the book and I learned so much! Now I have a question for the readers who are also writers: I shared what personal experience I put in my book (enlisted sailor falls for officer).

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