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Your midwife may not be able to pick up a heartbeat using a Pinard stethoscope until as late as 28 weeks. Your midwife will put some gel on your tummy and then move the sensor over it until she finds a spot where the heartbeat can be detected.

The Doppler sends and receives sound waves that bounce off your baby’s heart movements.

Your baby needs to be in just the right position for them to work, though.This session will foster a sense or ownership and belonging among the participants through a series of exercises that will challenge, yet enlighten.Participants will enter as strangers, but just might leave as a unified team of friends.After your dating scan, the next time you hear your baby’s heartbeat may be during your 16-week appointment with your midwife.Try not to be disappointed if your midwife doesn't listen in to your baby's heartbeat at this stage, though.

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