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She turned out to be a character who had a dream to play music, unfortunately she gave up because like many people (er at least I'm assuming, sorry) such as myself feel that they cannot make it big. All of the characters in the story are likable, especially Nao and Shio.

Well, that's to be expected that these guys are the most likable since they only told about them, thoroughly...

**Note in this review there can be biases and spoilers.** Have you ever had a dream you wanted to pursue but didn't because you felt that you would fail, or it wasn't practical enough for you, and your parents stated that they highly disapprove of it?

Are you in the mood to read a manga that'll bring you joy each chapter? Are you sick of love triangles and just want something straight forward?

She dreams of becoming a singer and writes all her feelings into songs.

Many may disagree with me, but she really just went from shy to bam let me take initiative.overall-8 A dream is a wish your heart makes~ This is my first time reviewing so eep. This is more of a story about reaching ones dreams.It's a bit fast paced, but you can clearly see how focused the characters are on their dreams. In Japan people of all ages read manga, manga does not target younger audiences like american comics. Copyright e marchi dei manga, e altri materiali promozionali sono ritenuti dai loro rispettivi proprietari e il loro utilizzo è permesso solo sotto alcune eque clausole della legge sul Copyright.

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To me the mangaka did it perfectly and I felt the sorrow Shio, the main heroine (wow just realized this is the first time I shared her name LOL), felt for times she broke down or was unsure of herself.

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