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Carefully read the Supreme Court of Virginia Rule 1A:1 Rules and Regulations before going on to Step 2.Minimum Threshold Requirements - To be eligible for Admission Without Examination you must be able to answer Yes or True to all the Minimum Threshold Requirements.

There are two types of traffic violations in Maryland, "payable" and “must appear".Such State Bar certificate must include a statement that you voluntarily chose to go inactive, that you were in good standing at the time you went inactive, and that there are or were no disciplinary issues which led to your inactive status.For any jurisdictions where you are pending, you must submit a Certificate of Good Standing upon admission or a statement issued 30-days post exam, updating the status of your application and character & fitness.You have a payable violation when the officer checks the second box under “Notice to Appear” on your handwritten citation or the "Payable Fine" box on the electronic version.Payable traffic violations are not punishable by jail time.

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