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In some cases, people may think they are having an online conversation with is an actual person when it is actually a kind of software.

An online bot is basically a piece of software that has been written to have conversations with online computer users.

There is at least one documented case of such bots in Russian chat forums.

Bots were said to have collected photos and personal information about people.

She documented the process in a book, co-authored by Toronto-based writer Melissa Hughes, titled "It sounded like a crazy idea and it started as a joke.

There are online dating bots, such as the MSN online dating bot, that are intended to be entertaining while helping people with relationship and dating.The robot reads your galvanic skin response (how much your palms are sweating) to judge your automatic reaction to the person on the screen. In other words, the robot is reading your “true heart’s desire” through your body's involuntary behaviors, taking conscious decision-making completely out of the equation.The robot also provides commentary (in a creepy robot voice, natch), saying things like, “Judge this person,” and “I can read your feelings.” On her website, He says she was inspired by our growing reliance on algorithms on dating sites, as well as biometric devices like pedometers that “tell us what's going on with our bodies and what we should do to be healthy and happy." "Maybe it's not a stretch to consider what happens when we combine these things,” she writes.Check out the video of the True Love Tinder Robot in action, from the safety of your desk.Catfishing, phishing and sexy chat-botting: the online dating world can be a confusing place.

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