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There is plenty of interesting material available for consumption just by searching the net, and I think most Manson fans will expect more of this film before they click "play." I watched this work with the hopes of gaining more insight into an interesting individual and band.

I was disappointed to see that the documentary only skimmed details, and offered little in the way of new info.

We knew there just had to be a wild reason behind Rose Mc Gowan and Marilyn Manson's split -- and now, the "Scream" actress is spilling the tea.

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If your going to do a cover fine do it, don't butcher a really good song with your own lyrics (even though i imagine they aren't her lyrics) I love Hilary, and I got over her whole goody goody image when I listened to her Dignity album (which I still play in my car till this day). It would be different if she tried to do the same song, same beat and messed up the lyrics or something. No matter if everyone's a fan or not that's why there's different genres.

I'm pretty sure any educated music person would know that she sampled Personal Jesus and let it be that she used it in her own personal interpretation and was creative... i love the make up and all of her clothes, but i could do without the thumb sucking and the personal jesus sample... definitely not a fan of the song, but i want that white dress!!! Quote: Originally Posted by Korms Even Jamelia (UK pop star) did the whole sampling of Personal Jesus a couple of years ago (and it's much better than HD's version in my opinion).

(Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, etc.) Hmm...make up is gorgeous, I especially love the purple look..

I don´t know what it is about the smokey eyes/red lips one, but she reminds me an awful lot of Anna Nicole Smith there.

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Dating 1989 and featuring the line up of Daisy Berkowitz, Madonna Wayne Gacy, Gidget gein with Manson himself, this rare DVD captures the band performing in their infancy. Lord of darkness is an essential piece to the early history of this highly documented artist.

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