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Which means moving all of these boxes of magazines once again. Right now, they’re hard to access, the information is impossible to search, etc. My feeling is that for the stuff that isn’t extremely rare, I should just digitize it, bringing it one step closer to OCR and getting it online. (In addition to me using it for old computer magazines, it will be a web-based service that businesses could use.) Is that tool something that would help you in your preservation efforts? Google does it when they scan books for their massive blorb of content.

I feel that OCRing these magazines is critical – something I have been doing for years at Atari and Atari

Today’s circus demands “an amazing, scary blend of skill and art,” Wels reports.

“We have been to outer space, but inner space hasn’t been explored,” says Leonard, who also directs a digital media office at Manhattan’s Hospital for Special Surgery.

“There is much to be discovered.” Ann Marsh liked her freshman roommate, Liz Pyle, but thought they were pretty different.

I’ve certainly embarked on large scanning projects before – for a year I scanned over 7000 pages of documents from Steve Meretzky’s collection, a scanning project that saved a lot of time for the archive that eventually took those documents over. (There’s still plans to put all these scans on – ideally in a few months.) Sitting in my cube are entire collections of magazines, entire runs of all the issues that ever came out.

I also scanned these items at an insane rate, 800 dpi, meaning that you could see this level of detail in the final images: In his case, though, I didn’t have to worry about hurting these one-of-a-kind copies of Meretzky’s notes and papers – they were all in a binder and they could be brought out, scanned, and put back. The part of the above statement usually kicks in first and I haven’t scanned them in.

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A lot of really smart people are working on that problem, and if you’ve never heard of Unpaper before now… But at the end of the day, in the currency of the present, the absolute best material to have would be a series of paper sheets and scan them flat, at a nice and high resolution.

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