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T'he collection is aar-'inis-'ered as a branch of the ijureau of ;ntoniol Otiy Library and is located at the headquarters of the Division, Somerset, I'ary land , The iiats of books, r'-;prints jnd separates, st';te publications, lav/s, and ..-eriodicals vero prepared in IS'29 by Vajen J,, Hitz, v/ho was .-.t that time connected V7ith tiie nain Library but who is no;-; an assists^nt in the Bureau of Agricultural ;"j Conoraics Library, ':;'he list of Deoarttient publications was prepared by liiss Ina L, Ilawes, Assistant Librarian of the 1? In connection .■ath the list of periodicals, it stiould be explained that the entries for the raost part include only numbers received up to December, 1928. ) [Contributions to the n:x hist^r/ of the jee ] Moskva, Universitetskai^ tipo^^ruf iit; , 1900-05. 'iith few exceptions, hov/ever, all periodicals which arc noted as havinf* been received in 1928 are also bein^; received current ly . Also a state- ment of the ;jr Gat profits fro:n iaes, as k Gjjt by scientific apiarians. hj Ly import- pjit rul GS for foedin.^ arid for the tr G'Gnt of dlse.'ised orood, with a plan for certain destruction of the aoth^ entirely now. Kranoher, Osc.r, LGoen unu zacht cjr honifvjui Gne, ijin .^emoinv Grstand- liches i Gjirouch iibor bohanciun;^ der jienen und iioor t2ti,^eit, nutzen and anntoni G dor Dieno. Hr^d Gbar^, Cr Gatz'sche verl a^souchhand- lan^, [1922] 166 p. and ref Grenc G oook on all sajj Gcts coiin Gotad wit J:i saccessfai b GO-culture, in ooth coimon and raovabiu conio-hives, ^^Ivin^ plain dir^^ctions for the nana-j Grnont of be GS, in Gvory raontii of tlie year with alphabetical index, and thorouj^h- ly illustratinij the nevv system of bee cuitare with the honey Gxtraotor. H'-.rc',inen dor oi^nenstocke nach den neuesten erfahrunjen ausfuhrlich 'erkll-'rt. n/ V/'-.y, ..ith- out kiiiinr thorn f j T their h-noy, is, stop by ^tii;p 'in C 'on oil oroonoie occur-incus , jott'^r cnc in jro ^r t i Qul r.

i Historic, Archive Document Do not assume content reflects current scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. nisi jrt von Vercin schwoizerischer oiononf roun-ii G.

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  1. Kan je anders niet naar zo'n 24 uurs ding gaan, zo in de stad. Maar die ontwikkelaar ziet ze dan wel, maar dat geeft toch niet? ik zou niet naar de kruidvat gaan..eerder naar de albert heijn ofzo of een andere supermarkt.