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I allowed him anything he wanted, offered more than he asked for. One night I started calling him 'daddy,' he took more control over me.We went to a party together, he had sex with another girl while I cried in a corner and tried to distract myself with liquor. I became his slave, he introduced me to the world of being his submissive pet, he taught me how to deep throat.I even paid rent but let him do whatever he wanted to me and any other girl.At first I was okay with it, I had no where else to go and I was thankful for the opportunity.Slowly, surely I started to see him as more and more.His financial situation changed, he moved out of the apartment we shared but left his things behind.The sex was every bit as degrading as I had feared, but it was the first time I really enjoyed being fucked.

But, before I left for the wilderness for contemplation and detox, I wanted a few last memorable nights with him.

I was known for being a dominant woman, and he was known as being a dominant man.

After years of being pushed against a wall and seduced, I gave in.

The next day he wouldn't me leave until late at night, I missed three classes that day but had the best sex of my life.

I told him with a giggle he made me forty percent straighter.

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He already knew I was leaving, but he'll never know he was the reason why.

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