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Chuck Dixon seemed to really like her, so she stuck around for years.When Tim broke up with his girlfriend, he and Spoiler began dating.How The Killing Joke movie became even more controversial than the Warner Bros UK I have black tiles from both the old and new moulds but all my brown and white ones which are of a later date are flawless .best batman images on Pinterest Comic books Batman family Batgirl will finally be getting her own movie even better that she s getting it before Nightwing or Robin I am wary about it like I am with all DCEU .That wasn’t Tim’s secret to tell, so he kept quiet.Just a few weeks after Robin and Stephanie started officially dating, Stephanie revealed something that changed their relationship. The father of Stephanie’s baby wasn’t Robin but a former boyfriend who had skipped town after Gotham City was hit by a huge earthquake.This figure in purple and blue was quickly unmasked as Cluemaster’s teenage daughter, Stephanie Brown.Stephanie was stepping out in a mask not to help her father but to try and stop him.

In this case, instead of being a masked villain like her father, her coach turned out to be a drug dealer. Over time, Stephanie became a major supporting character in Tim Drake’s solo series.While he stopped short of actually coming to blows with Bruce, he did demand that Tim retire from the role of Robin. Ignoring Bruce’s orders to stay away from the battle, Stephanie entered the fray and tried to help Bruce out. One of those plans detailed how Batman could consolidate all of Gotham’s gangs under him.Things weren’t as bad as they seemed and Stephanie only proved to get in the way. Stephanie set that plan in motion without telling Bruce first.To help her cope, Tim created a third identity for himself named Alvin Draper.“Alvin” accompanied Stephanie to Lamaze classes and was a solid support system for the pregnant teenager.

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