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The happy couple both come to fall for Marston’s sweet, innocent student Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote).It sounds like a fairytale given the time period — the late 1920s, when lesbianism was considered a mental illness — but the film smartly deliberates on the slow evolution of their love, how Marston and Olive’s attractions to each other becomes eclipsed by Olive’s attraction for Elizabeth, and the latter’s eventual admission of feelings for Olive.Base gate and checkpoint at the since-closed Amarillo AFB.Life inside of military bases differs significantly from the civilian world, giving many military brats a feeling of difference from civilian culture.works best when it’s a romance story, one that honestly depicts the threesome’s hardships in making the brave decision to live together, despite the stigma and cruel, financially crushing rejection from employers, friends and neighbours.

S., exposure to foreign languages and cultures, and immersion in military culture.

While some non-military families may share some of these same attributes and experiences, military culture has a much higher incidence and concentration of these issues and experiences in military families as compared to civilian populations, and by tightly-knit military communities that perceive these experiences as normal.

Studies show that growing up immersed in military culture can have long-lasting effects on children, both in positive and also some negative ways.

While the general public uses the term "base" to refer any military installation, within the US military the term "base" primarily applies to Air Force or Navy installations while Army installations are called "posts." Military brats grow up moving from base to base as they follow their parent or parents to new assignments.

Sometimes living on base, sometimes off, the base in both cases is often the center of military brat life, where shopping, recreation, schools and the military community form a string of temporary towns for military brats as they grow up.

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