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why not just buy 2 rt-ac68u , run 1 as the router and wifi and the other in another location running in ap mode and connected back to the main router via ethernet , will cost you about the same and you will have far better coverage Hi All, So I bought this modem yesterday from MSY for 9.

It is to replace my Netgear N600 that I think died. I had an initial problem with setup when I used all 8 Ethernet ports and one that connected to my laptop.

Often these receivers are built to only support the audio component of Air Play, much like Air Tunes.

Bluetooth devices (headsets, speakers) that support the A2DP profile also appear as Air Play receivers when paired with an i OS device, although Bluetooth is a device-to-device protocol that does not rely on a wireless network access point.

OS X Mountain Lion supports display mirroring via Air Play on systems containing 2nd generation Intel Core processors or later.Unfortunately, due to the positioning of the wall sockets and devices, I'm hoping to be able to have a wireless signal strong enough to penetrate into an adjacent area 20m away.I am intending to put the Netgear modem into bridge mode, then use an ethernet cable to connect to the WAN port of the RT-AC88U We'll see if it works, otherwise I may have to run another bridge or do some hard wire cabling.However, because not all third-party receivers implement Apple's DRM encryption, some media, such as i Tunes Store's own rights-protected music (Apple's own "Fair Play" encryption), You Tube and Netflix, cannot stream to those devices or software.On Apple TV starting with firmware 6.0, the "Fair Play" encryption scheme is enforced and sending devices not supporting it cannot be used.

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