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Attempts by the Icelanders to ban foreign trawling within Iceland's traditional territorial waters (4 nmi (7 km) wide and including bays and fjords) were unsuccessful.

British gunboat diplomacy, the display of naval force, in 1896–1897 led to the Anglo-Danish Territorial Waters Agreement of 1901, which set 3 nmi (6 km) territorial limits (measured narrowly) for Iceland for 50 years.

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Icelanders were satisfied with the ICJ ruling, as they believed that Iceland's preferred extensions were similar to those afforded to Norway in the ICJ ruling.

There is only one confirmed death during the Cod Wars: an Icelandic engineer accidentally killed in the Second Cod War while repairing damage on the Icelandic gunboat Ægir after a collision with the British frigate Apollo on 29 August 1973.

Eventually the trawler was caught, but before the skipper, Charles Henry Johnson, left his ship to go aboard the Danish gunboat, he ordered the mate to make a dash for it after he went on to the Danish ship. The gunboat fired several shots at the unarmed boat but could not catch up with the trawler, which returned heavily damaged to Grimsby, England.

On board the Danish gunboat, the skipper of the Caspian was lashed to the mast.

In 1896, the United Kingdom made an agreement with Denmark which allowed for British vessels to use any Icelandic port for shelter, provided they stowed their gear and trawl nets.

In return, British vessels were not to fish in Faxa Bay east of a line from Ílunýpa, a promontory near Keflavík to Þormóðssker (43.43° N, 22.30° W).

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