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When the first frum dating sites hit the Internet, thirty-eight-year-old Yitz, a single from Brooklyn, says, “There still was a stigma that somehow [they] reflected personal ads.” Now, over ten years later, the stigma is pretty much gone, he says.

With more than 33,000 participants and 300 shadchanim, SYAS, founded in 2003, already boasts over 1,000 engaged couples.

Online communication also allows singles to cast a wider net, fishing from a cyberpool of potential mates throughout the country and even in other countries.

“I can now get information on a shidduch from a foreign country in minutes,” Pensak says.

Traveling to meet a prospective shidduch who lives far away used to involve a substantial investment of time and money, a risky investment by anyone’s standards.

“You could pay for a chasunah with what you spent traveling, trying to meet the right guy! Three years ago he launched Shidduch Vision, a program that allows couples to meet via teleconferencing (screens are set up in private homes so couples can “date” without exhausting their bank accounts or vacation days).

But while it makes sense to steer clear of wildly inappropriate matches, it is also possible that looking for perfect compatibility may be counterproductive. if two people are exactly the same, what benefit is there in marriage?

Once you’ve joined the site, you’re free to browse the profiles and send messages to anyone.

Yitz likes the way the progressive getting-to-know-you process on Frumster allows him to sort through prospects on his own. “Frumster messages, then moving to private e-mail, and then to the phone before actually going on a date—there is enough of an opportunity to rule out someone who might not be appropriate for you.” But there’s always a danger that online profiles can be misleading.

“We look for clues to make sure people are Jewish, and check into their communities.

We also charge a fee, which helps cut out people who aren’t serious.

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But if these channels don’t help, Weinberg advises that the next best way to meet a potential mate is through social gatherings: Shabbat invitations, Shabbatonim or weekend seminars geared for singles.

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